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Building Your New Lifestyle

At Nexgen Tiny Homes, we pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship, competitive pricing

and ability to deliver excellent results for our clients.


We may not be the biggest tiny home builder in Australia, however that does not mean we cannot be considered one of the best. All of our designs are meticulously planned and designed with the absolute highest quality materials.
In order to achieve perfection during the design and build process, we only take on the perfect amount of builds at any one time as we believe quality is always better than quantity 

Since 2017, Nexgen have been designing and building luxury homes in Sydney. Our desire to create tiny homes came from our own need and requirement to have a tiny home of our own during the construction of one of our own family homes.
The enjoyment we feel with creating a vision and building these beautiful homes on wheels makes us love what we do, and we truly believe there are such fantastic benefits in owning your own tiny home.

Whether you are looking to live permanently in your tiny home, have it as in-law or family accommodation, or earn a rental income via AirBnb or Stayz, we guarantee it is the best decision you can make in purchasing one.

Tiny Homes are becoming more and more popular rather than your ordinary granny flat or extension, as you are not required to have council approval and the turnaround time and cost is more effective with Tiny Homes

Our Philosophy is simple, design and build quality homes to give our clients a better way of living and freedom.

Why go Tiny?

First things first, you've come to our site because you are curious about living tiny!

Great Choice -tiny living is the new way of living. All over the world, tiny homes
are becoming more and more popular.

People are choosing to downsize the space they live in, simplify and live with less. People are embracing the tiny life philosophy and the freedom that accompanies the tiny house lifestyle.

Here's some of the top 10 reasons why people decide to go Tiny. 

1. Downsizers - Tiny houses are homes usually 40 square meters or less.
Our tiny homes are all built on trailer bases, which allows them to be classified
as road-towable vehicles, and avoids many of the complications of building a permanent
home with foundations. Downsizing is a great option for those people who want to
spend more time outside with family and friends which in turn makes them happier.
Living simple and only having the necessities ensures you can live comfortably in a tiny home.

2. A simpler life - pursuing your passion to live a simpler life. Living a minimalistic life has never
been more important in today's society.
People choose to build and live in tiny homes desire for simplicity and a move
away from a life focused on spending and buying, and rather just living a simple, stress-free life. 

3. Financial - this is a big one for many. Many people we talk to say that they
have moved to a tiny home because of the financial freedom they desire.
Buying a home or renting a home is becoming more difficult and people
are choosing to live in tiny homes to be mortgage or debt free.

4. Freedom - seeking a more meaningful life, filled with the most simple
and basic requirements, people learn to have a greater appreciation for the meaningful things.
People often quit their jobs or take time off work and live in their tiny homes on acreage. 

5. Ease of build- rather than building a new home or granny flat, the tiny home is a less stress-free
option and is all built in our factory and delivered direct to you. Meaning you don't have to have the stress
of an architect, builder, council approval and trades.

6. Family accommodation - people love the idea of a tiny home for family and in-law accommodation.
The simple fact that you don't need council approval to have a tiny home on your property is a huge
benefit and people often purchase tiny homes to have on their property as additional space for
family to come and stay. It's also ideal for young teenagers as a retreat / second living space. 

Tiny homes are perfect for young families that cannot afford to buy a home, and don't have the financial capability of renting, giving them accommodation outside of the main residence is the perfect choice.

7. Cost effectiveness - the comparison of building a tiny home to the cost of a standard build or granny flat is significantly more cost effective. 
The affordability of a tiny home is a contributing factor for people deciding to go tiny.

8. Rental Income - ever thought of earning extra money via Airbnb or Stayz?
You would be surprised how much you could earn renting out the tiny home - and you would
also be surprised how much people love the idea of this. Those seeking a weekend away from the city and venturing out to a rural property to stay in a tiny home has become so popular.

9. Environmentally conscious lifestyle - living completely off grid and self sufficient 

10. Temporary change in circumstances - you may have had to sell your family home and are needing to
live with family, or in our personal circumstance, building our dream home and living in a
tiny home whilst building - we know tiny living!

Ask yourself this simple question - how much space do you need to truly be happy?

Get in touch with us today to discuss your tiny home build



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