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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your showroom available for viewing?

Yes - however strictly by appointment only.  Please give us a call or simply book your appointment online so we can free up some time to show you around. 

What is the earliest I could start building?

Generally, within a few weeks, however it is dependent on material supplies and our current workload. Please get in contact with us to find the next available build time slot. 

Do you custom build tiny houses?

We currently have a range of designs available for building, however if you would like a custom design built, we can provide a quotation for you.

How much does a tiny home cost?
Please get in touch with us so that we can send you a brochure and current price list.

How long does it take to build and is there a waiting list?

Depending on the model you select, the build time will vary. On average a build generally takes up to 7 weeks, however due to our current workload and increasing popularity of tiny homes, we currently are taking limited orders. However please give us a call to discuss lead times.

Do we need council approval?
Our tiny homes are considered caravans and do not require council approval. 
The tiny home comes with a VIN number however and do not require DA approvals from councils, but in some circumstances, councils may limit the amount of time someone can permanently live in a tiny home. This ruling may vary from council to council and state to state. We strongly recommend contacting your local council for further information and current regulations before purchasing your tiny home.

Do I need a special permit to drive my tiny home on the road?
The tiny homes are classified as caravans, so you don't need any special permits to drive or move on the road. You will need to have the appropriate vehicle that is capable of towing the tiny home as well as all towing attachments. 

Which design is best for me? 
We will work with you to select your dream home and determine which one of our unique designs is perfect for you. We will also work with you to customise specific items to your own design requirements. 


How many people do your tiny homes sleep?

Depending on the design you select, standard tiny homes sleep 2, loft homes sleep up to 4 people. 
Have a chat to us about your requirements.


Do you build tiny homes without a bathroom and kitchen?
Absolutely! if you are wanting a kids retreat with bedrooms & living area, we can build this for you, or if you are wanting a man cave we can design and build also. 

Can I purchase a tiny home that is ready built?
In most cases, the tiny homes are built to order, however in some circumstances we may sell a tiny home that has just been completed. Keep up to date with our website and social media for any updates.

Can I make changes to any of your designs?
Yes, you are able to make certain changes to personalise with different options for fixtures, fittings and finishes however this will be discussed in the design consultation meeting.

Do you sell plans for your tiny house design?

Unfortunately not, we only offer a design and build option.


Do I need to place my house on foundations?

No, you just need a flat, level surface​. A professionally compacted space the size of your house is the best option.

Can I drive my tiny home around?

Yes, you can. Tiny homes are designed and built to be driven just like a traditional caravan. You will need to make sure you have the correct vehicle and attachments before you transport your tiny home.

Do the homes come with external stairs to the entry of the tiny home?

Due to the fact that ground levels may vary from site to site, we do not provide stairs. Most homes have decks made and steps up onto the deck. Temporary steps can be supplied as well upon request. If you would like a custom deck or stairs made, we can provide a quotation for you.

What deposit is required before I place an order?

We require a 30% deposit which guarantees and secures a building slot. 


Why are the tiny homes built on wheels?

Tiny homes do not require a building permit as it is classified as a vehicle and falls under the same regulation as caravans. The benefit of having the home built on wheels is so that owners can have the freedom to move around to different locations and have the choice of not being tied down and to live off grid


Are the tiny homes insulated?
Yes, all our tiny homes are insulated with Earthwool Insulation bats R3.5 on walls and double layer in the roof.

How do I connect to electricity?

Our tiny homes run on a 15amp mains power with safety switchboard. A solar system can also be installed at an additional cost, or this can be added in at a later stage. 


Can I connect to sewage mains?
Majority of our toilets are supplied and installed as waterless composting toilets that do not require a plumber or any site connections, however this is completely up to you. We can also supply and install a standard flushing toilet; however, it is your responsibility to obtain the services of a qualified plumber and also obtain council permits to connect the toilet to sewage or a septic tank.

How do I connect to water?
All tiny homes come standard with a garden hose plug connection. We can also provide a quotation for rainwater storage tanks and pumps allowing you to go off grid. 


How do I connect to gas?
All tiny homes have a dual gas regulator that takes 2 x LPG gas bottles as standard. 

Can I buy a tiny home that comes with furniture?
Absolutely. We are all about convenience and providing a complete turn-key service without any extra fuss.
We can provide you with a customised quotation to supply all furniture (including lounges, beds, tv's etc) so that all you need to do is just move in. Simple and Easy!

Do your tiny homes include white goods?

Fridge, Washer/Dryer & Microwave are generally included in our build price. Please talk to us about having these included in your quote.

During construction of my tiny home, am I able to come and view it in your factory?

Of course you can. Please contact our office and book in a time that suits you and we are more than happy to show you the work in progress. We want to include you in every step of the build journey 

Can I make changes part way through the build?
Once we sign off on the design and commence construction, changes are not permitted.
We understand that you may want to make really minor changes, if you do have a request please ask and we will see what we can do for very minor adjustments.

How much does a tiny home weigh?
The maximum weight of our tiny homes is 4.5 tonne, this is dependent on the model and specifications. We recommend hiring a towing company for transport unless you are very experienced with towing large and heavy loads and have the appropriate vehicle that can move them safely. 

Do you offer Off-Grid?

Yes, we can arrange for a quotation for full off grid solar system packages.
Give us a call and have a chat about it so we can provide you with a quotation. 

How often will I need to change the composting toilet chamber. 
The composting toilet chambers vary based on the system size and a few other factors.
According to the manufacturer's instructions, generally every 6 months for 2 adults living full time in the space. Get in touch with us to discuss the toilet system and maintenance processes. 

Do you offer provide warranty for my tiny home?
All tiny homes are given a build warranty of 3 years whereby any issues will be corrected if they arise as a direct result of incorrect workmanship. We do not cover damage that may result during transportation. Electrical and gas work is carried out by licensed professionals and compliance certificates will be issued upon completion.

Do you offer delivery?

We can provide a quotation for delivery, or alternatively you can arrange a freight company yourself to have it freighted from our warehouse. 

Finance Options?

Unfortunately, we do not provide finance at this current time.

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