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Nexgen design and build tiny homes for all types of clients, needs, budgets and for various uses.

Each and every project the team embark on is carefully planned and we always strive in perfecting each tiny home we build.

Each tiny home is built with genuine care and our goal is to build some of the most beautiful tiny homes available to create a sense of luxury designer living for our clients. 

At Nexgen Tiny Homes, we pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship, competitive pricing

and ability to deliver excellent results for our clients.


We may not be the biggest tiny home builder in Australia, however that does not mean we cannot be considered one of the best. All of our designs are meticulously planned and designed with the absolute highest quality materials.
In order to achieve perfection during the design and build process, we only take on the perfect amount of builds at any one time as we believe quality is always better than quantity 

Since 2017, Nexgen have been designing and building luxury homes in Sydney. Our desire to create tiny homes came from our own need and requirement to have a tiny home of our own during the construction of one of our own family homes.
The enjoyment we feel with creating a vision and building these beautiful homes on wheels makes us love what we do, and we truly believe there are such fantastic benefits in owning your own tiny home.

Whether you are looking to live permanently in your tiny home, have it as in-law or family accommodation, or earn a rental income via AirBnb or Stayz, we guarantee it is the best decision you can make in purchasing one.

Tiny Homes are becoming more and more popular rather than your ordinary granny flat or extension, as you are not required to have council approval and the turnaround time and cost is more effective with Tiny Homes


. Our two main goals are to deliver excellent results and provide exceptional service to all our customers. 


All tiny homes are designed with the idea of space,

natural light and for maximum appeal, both inside and out.

INCLUSIONS- unlike other tiny homes you may be considering, ours come with luxury inclusions that
would otherwise cost you more in the overall cost - making our tiny
homes more affordable 


DESIGN - all designs are meticulously planned to bring the outdoors
in and
create a sense of space and luxury. We work with you to create a home that 
you will love. 


VALUE- we build quality constructed homes
from only the highest quality materials. 

LIFESTYLE - whether you are looking to live in your tiny home as a first-time homeowner,
downsizer, investment return or for leisure, our designs suit all types of uses.

FREEDOM - we give you the freedom of choice, to select what you
want as inclusions and tailor a package based on your needs and desires, making it more easy 
then ever to get exactly what you want.




Our aim is to make the build process as smooth and stress free as possible.
If you are considering starting your tiny home journey with us,
Please read the following to see if we are the perfect fit for your perfect build.



During this stage, you will contact us for either an initial phone consultation or private tour. We will provide you with a brochure which includes a current price list as well as list of inclusions and any luxury extras.
We answer any questions you have along with available build times and current pricing guides and requirements

We will provide up to date pricing on luxury inclusions you would as well as add in any additional items you have in mind. During this stage we will also discuss payment plan options. 



Once you have satisfied yourself with the build and your questions have been answered, you will receive a formal quotation with a purchase order request form. You will sign the purchase order request and pay a non-refundable build deposit being 30% of the total purchase price. Once this has been paid, we schedule a selections planning meeting with our client liaison manager to discuss, in detail your requirements and selections for your new home.



We will cover all aspects of your build from exterior finishes, down to your bathroom tap ware.

We have various selections for you to choose from in this meeting.

If you wish to select other alternatives, we can also provide you with a quotation for these items. We allow approximately 2.5 hours for this to ensure we cover everything 



Following the completion of the planning meeting, we then prepare a formal quote and provide you
with a contract which includes any updated luxury inclusions you have added in.
This contract includes the specifications to your home as per our planning meeting. 



Once you are happy with the quotation and contract, you sign off and return to us.



When the building of your tiny home begins, we will require payments to be made in the following stages 
Framing - 20%
Internal Linings- 20%
Fitout - 20%
Completion 10%



This is the final stage, either pick up of your tiny home will occur, or alternatively we 
can provide a quotation for delivery to your preferred address. Up to date delivery costs will 
be provided just prior to completion of your build

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